Sometimes you just need an objective voice who can challenge or validate what you think is true. In this method, we would love to be utilized as a contributor or collaborator to a leader or team responsible for taking action. Our President, Phill Burgess is willing to commit to the following if you are:

  • Talk with Phill for an hour. This could be virtually or via phone. Use the time to ask questions, discuss ideas, or do a quick review of your planning, process, or results.
  • Spend a half-day with Phill. This could be a virtual or onsite experience. This is a great opportunity to provide a learning or ideation session for a small group or team.
  • Spend a day with Phill. This is typically conducted onsite with the client. Use this time to design and develop an idea, action plan, or even review data to discover further insights and define next steps.


Sometimes you need an external resource to be the project owner and driving force behind each phase of the plan. This method is designed to ensure you deliver an outcome or key result that is beyond your present capacity to accomplish.

  • Phase One – Frame: Know where you are. Use data to identify and assess mitigating factors that contributed to your current state.
  • Phase Two – Focus: Know where you want to be. Align market needs with organizational or brand competencies to define an implementation plan and target outcomes.
  • Phase Three – Grow. Know how to get there. Build a measurable, repeatable, and scalable business plan that can then be executed to achieve desired results.

Schedule Your Free 30 Minute Session

That’s all the time it will take for Phill to identify which of the most common pitfalls you’re facing and what might be some potential next steps.

It’s not enough to have the best idea. You also must know how to make it true. We can help.